with all forms of bags : BaZe™


BaZe™ adapts to the shape of your luggage.
This double rail gives more rigidity at your flexible bags.
Baze™ is the single operation making to have the ZipTechnic solution on your bags.
To equip your luggage of our technology, simply set with our team, the bending length and the desired finish. You're ready to get your customers all ZipTechnic benefits.

Baze™ provides including acupuncture anti-intrusion, open twice fast with only one hand, and protects the teeth of the zip of the objects contained in the baggage.

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You customize Baze™ according to the shape of your bag and chosen to host our technology pocket.


The double rail Baze™ gives rigidity to your flexible bags, while they are more maintenance, even when the bags are empty.


A chainette slave in a raceway. This enables to fasten the cursor and ensure double lock from inside the bag.

Oen with one hand

Baze™ and CurZor™ allow an opening with one hand on the zip soft luggage. Baze™ provides constant alignment of the teeth of the zip sliders compared to more anchor points on either side of the zip. This makes it possible to open and close the zip, smoothly and with one hand.


The modularity of our offer provides competitive rates.
Our products work as many options with different possible finishes.

Baze™ and CurZor™ are indissociated from one another,
but because all the bags do not need to be anti-picpockets,
or locking remote GlimpZe™ and EleZtro™ will then optional.